Personal Trainer Shares Stress Tips

Choosing the Right Activity
Jogging, walking, swimming, aerobics, cycling or dancing are excellent ways of exercising and staying fit and stress-free. Choose activities that you enjoy doing and keep varying your activities in order to avoid boredom.

You must try incorporating some walking in your daily fitness regimen. A planned and organized walking schedule could be an excellent aerobic exercise. It helps in strengthening your legs, lungs and the heart. Walking is the best way for preventing osteoporosis, managing diabetes, enhancing flexibility, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure etc.
Include 30 minutes’ walk every day in your fitness regime for a fit and stress-free life. You could sometimes try slow jogging in between for avoiding monotony.

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Personal Training

Hiring a personal trainer can help you heaps. Having  someone there to motivate you and keep you accountable will make a huge difference to your results. The Dangerously Fit Academy train trainers to help them better understand the mental health benefits of exercise. If you would like to get in touch with Dangerously Fit Personal Training, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch.

Tai Chi 
It is an effective martial art form that helps to enhance flexibility and strength and reduce anxiety and stress. It is an effective combination of breathing techniques and a series of moderate physical movements that provides a meditative experience. It instils well-being through coordinated breathing, concentration, and slow, really elegant body movements.

Dangerously Fit Academy kettlebell certifications are available in Australia and online Worldwide.

Tai Chi boasts of psychological as well as physiological benefits and is pretty effective in promoting flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and balance control in individuals suffering from chronic diseases.

Yoga helps to enhance strength and minimize stress. Yoga is truly effective in improving coordination, flexibility, posture and circulation. Yoga works wonders in reducing asthma attach frequency. It uses meditation techniques, breathing, and stretching postures for soothing the mind and toning the body.
There are many kinds of yoga. Usually we practice yoga as a superb combination of pranayamas and asanas. You could learn yoga through videos and books. However, the best way of learning yoga is with the help of a professional personal trainer.
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