Calories Needed for Muscle Gain

Did you know that you have to consume more calories than you usually do for gaining muscles. You may have to eat like you have never eaten before. Believe me or not but it’s known that you’ll not be able to gain muscles in a consistent manner if you are not taking the right amount of calories. The calories in the body will be burned of while doing the workouts. You have to replace the lost calories for gaining muscles. A calories surplus must be maintained in the body to gain muscles. The ideal and simple way of calculating the calorie requirement is to eat 18 to 20 times calories required for the body.

The extra calories are required for rebuilding the muscle tissues that are lost or damaged during the high intensive workouts. The simple way of eating as much as you need is not the proper way for muscle gain. The same type of calories may not be ideal for another person. Your body can only process certain amount of calories consumed at a time.

A person attempting to gain muscles should not eat three times a day. You will end up in weight gain rather than muscle gain. The excess calories that you are consuming for each meal will be stored as fat in your body or will be removed without any use for your body.

You can ensure proper utilization of calories by splitting your meals into smaller and frequent portions. This will enable your metabolic functions to take place smoothly and proper utilization of nutrients can be ensured.

Eating evenly placed six meals per day is ideal for gaining muscles. The meals must the placed at a space of three hours. You body has to be provided with continuous supply of nourishment. People who are skinny cannot afford to starve for more than 1 hour. So eating three times a day will make your body starve for calories.

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