Functional Fitness Training For Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs

How to Get a Six Pack?

Surprising as it may sound, but all of us do have six-packs but unfortunately for most; it’s well concealed under layers of fat. Six-packs not only help you stand out at the beach but also project you as a healthy person who takes his fitness seriously.
Getting a firm abdomen with your six-packs prominently on display is not impossible to achieve. Just listen to your personal trainer, workout regularly and have the right kind of food to get those hard muscles and ripples that define your six-pack abs. Functional Fitness Courses BlogSpot.

Workouts for Six Pack Abs

While working out for six packs, its best to select exercises that put additional strain on the muscles of your lower abdominal region. However, do remember that spot training or putting extra focus on losing fat from a particular area of the body is not always effective. That is why your personal trainer will include workouts that challenge muscles in your entire body.

When practiced for months, such workouts help your body to maintain a high metabolic rate and burn fat faster. Shedding the flab becomes easier then and you can see those ripples in your stomach stand out; defining your six packs. Functional Fitness Courses Facebook.


Sit ups are effective for gaining six packs but you will have to put in additional challenges apart from the regular sit up pose. For this, lie on the floor with both knees positioned up and feet resting on the ground. Place both hands across your chest and have your personal trainer press your feet down firmly. Now rise to a sitting position straining yourself against the pressure applied by your trainer on your feet.

You can feel the muscles on your lower abdomen straining hard to overcome this pressure. Remember to keep a straight back for additional strain.


Crunches are another workout effective for toning the abdominal muscles. To do these, lie on the floor with both hands positioned beside your temples. Bend the knees and raise your upper torso slowly so that your shoulders move towards the knees. Use only your abdominal muscles to gain the lift required and do not raise the entire back from the floor. You can really feel your abdominal muscles straining to help you maintain the position. Exhale and lower your shoulders to the original position; again flexing the abdominal muscles to hold your upper body.

Never allow the shoulders or your head to touch the ground. Maintaining a slightly raised position throughout the movement puts additional challenge on your abdominal muscles.

Leg Lifts

This is another workout much preferred by personal trainer for getting six pack abs. This simple workout requires you to lie on the floor with hands placed palm down on either side of your body. Lift both legs in a straight line till they are at a ninety degree angle from the ground. Hold for a second and lower both legs slowly. Feel the tension in your abdominal muscles throughout the workout and this is what helps in carving those six packs.

For additional challenge, dangle from a bar and raise both legs till they are parallel to the ground.