Calories Needed for Muscle Gain

Did you know that you have to consume more calories than you usually do for gaining muscles. You may have to eat like you have never eaten before. Believe me or not but it’s known that you’ll not be able to gain muscles in a consistent manner if you are not taking the right amount of calories. The calories in the body will be burned of while doing the workouts. You have to replace the lost calories for gaining muscles. A calories surplus must be maintained in the body to gain muscles. The ideal and simple way of calculating the calorie requirement is to eat 18 to 20 times calories required for the body.

The extra calories are required for rebuilding the muscle tissues that are lost or damaged during the high intensive workouts. The simple way of eating as much as you need is not the proper way for muscle gain. The same type of calories may not be ideal for another person. Your body can only process certain amount of calories consumed at a time.

A person attempting to gain muscles should not eat three times a day. You will end up in weight gain rather than muscle gain. The excess calories that you are consuming for each meal will be stored as fat in your body or will be removed without any use for your body.

You can ensure proper utilization of calories by splitting your meals into smaller and frequent portions. This will enable your metabolic functions to take place smoothly and proper utilization of nutrients can be ensured.

Eating evenly placed six meals per day is ideal for gaining muscles. The meals must the placed at a space of three hours. You body has to be provided with continuous supply of nourishment. People who are skinny cannot afford to starve for more than 1 hour. So eating three times a day will make your body starve for calories.

Control Blood Pressure By Exercising With A Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer

Over the years, the statistics of people suffering from high blood pressure is getting high. What is more alarming is that gone were the days when this condition is only limited to adults.

Now, the number of young people who has this medical condition increase as well. High blood pressure can be attributed to the lifestyle, age, heredity and other factors.

A person’s blood pressure must be controlled and watched over since high blood pressure can lead to serious health complications and grave illnesses.

Specifically, sustained hypertension can increase the risks of heart diseases and stroke. There are prescription medications that you can take in order to control blood pressure.

However, the most effective way to do is to make some changes on your lifestyle and maintain these changes for the rest of your life.
The first lifestyle change you’ll do is to lose weight. Now is the perfect time for you to get rid of the excessive fats in your body.

It is scientifically proven that losing pounds of fat in the body can bring high blood pressure down.

The fitter you are the lower blood pressure you get. If your doctor has prescribed you some meds to lower down your blood pressure, it is better to pair your medication with a doctor-approved exercise that will make you lose weight eventually.

personal trainer certification sunshine coast

Regular exercise with a Sunshine personal trainer can lower down blood pressure. This is what you need to remember always. An hour of workout does not only make you lose weight, but it will reduce high blood pressure specifically at 4-9 mm of Mercury.

In addition, exercise for people with pre-hypertension can prevent their condition from worsening. Visit or for more info.

Personal Trainer Shares Stress Tips

Choosing the Right Activity
Jogging, walking, swimming, aerobics, cycling or dancing are excellent ways of exercising and staying fit and stress-free. Choose activities that you enjoy doing and keep varying your activities in order to avoid boredom.

You must try incorporating some walking in your daily fitness regimen. A planned and organized walking schedule could be an excellent aerobic exercise. It helps in strengthening your legs, lungs and the heart. Walking is the best way for preventing osteoporosis, managing diabetes, enhancing flexibility, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure etc.
Include 30 minutes’ walk every day in your fitness regime for a fit and stress-free life. You could sometimes try slow jogging in between for avoiding monotony.

dangerously fit personal training

Personal Training

Hiring a personal trainer can help you heaps. Having  someone there to motivate you and keep you accountable will make a huge difference to your results. The Dangerously Fit Academy train trainers to help them better understand the mental health benefits of exercise. If you would like to get in touch with Dangerously Fit Personal Training, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch.

Tai Chi 
It is an effective martial art form that helps to enhance flexibility and strength and reduce anxiety and stress. It is an effective combination of breathing techniques and a series of moderate physical movements that provides a meditative experience. It instils well-being through coordinated breathing, concentration, and slow, really elegant body movements.

Dangerously Fit Academy kettlebell certifications are available in Australia and online Worldwide.

Tai Chi boasts of psychological as well as physiological benefits and is pretty effective in promoting flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and balance control in individuals suffering from chronic diseases.

Yoga helps to enhance strength and minimize stress. Yoga is truly effective in improving coordination, flexibility, posture and circulation. Yoga works wonders in reducing asthma attach frequency. It uses meditation techniques, breathing, and stretching postures for soothing the mind and toning the body.
There are many kinds of yoga. Usually we practice yoga as a superb combination of pranayamas and asanas. You could learn yoga through videos and books. However, the best way of learning yoga is with the help of a professional personal trainer.
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Hire A Personal Trainer With The Correct CECs

Getting a six pack is one of the biggest obstacles of all of our fitness goals and one of the most frustrating too. It seems that at times we just don’t have the time to try and lose weight so we put it on the back burner and forget about it. We focus more on our career, family, or hobbies than we do the health of our own bodies. Well not anymore!

Hire a fitness trainer that has the correct personal trainer cec for your health and fitness goals.

These are the five best ways to get a 6 pack fast without having to put in an extreme amount of time or effort. These are the five best six pack abs tips for the busy mom, the ever-travelling businessman, or the ones that want to lose the weight without the constant trips to the gym or the insane amounts of planning. 

You must train your abdominals at least 2 times per week to see a noticeable difference, I recommend choosing a core workout routine that involves both flexion and extension of the core muscles and rotation of trunk under external resistance.

The very first thing everyone tries when losing weight is the diet. However, in this diet forget all about taking away foods. All we are doing is adding. Instead of trying to starve yourself just add a little bit of green and goodness to your meals. Try some different fruit, maybe a few veggies, and possibly even a few healthy snacks like yoghurt or baked chips in between the other tastier snacks. You don’t have to cut everything out, just replace a little bit.


The easiest and most proven way to lose weight? Drink water, and lots of it. Staying hydrated has been proven to help keep the body from storing fat cells and also helps crave a bit of your hunger. Most of the time we confuse being thirsty with being hungry so we reach for a few delicious snacks to fill our stomach when all we really needed was a bit of H2O to satisfy our body.

Muscle is the only tissue that burns calories, therefore the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism. So aim to perform 3-4 strength workouts per week working for all the major muscle groups. Be sure the check out the fitness blog for tips on how to build muscle fast for men.

Try smaller plates. Studies show that eating a small portion from a large plate will leave you hungry for more but a small portion on a smaller plate gives your brain a visual sign that you have already had more. It’s a bit of tricking the brain, but strangely enough, it works.

A fitness Australia CEC qualification will train your personal trainer with the skills and tools to get your desired result.

Stay active throughout your meal. Not so much physically as mentally. When we get bored we eat more, even more so in front of a television. Keeping occupied and busy in your head will keep you from going into the unconscious eating mode in front of the television.

Lastly, be positive and spread your goal. It may not seem like great advice but nothing changes a person body more than the state of mind they put themselves in. Not to mention spreading your motivation with your friends will give you backup reserves. When you start to run low that’s when they come in and give you that kick in the rump you needed to keep going. With a positive attitude and the support of a few friends backing you up anything is possible especially your fitness goals!

Functional Fitness Training For Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs

How to Get a Six Pack?

Surprising as it may sound, but all of us do have six-packs but unfortunately for most; it’s well concealed under layers of fat. Six-packs not only help you stand out at the beach but also project you as a healthy person who takes his fitness seriously.
Getting a firm abdomen with your six-packs prominently on display is not impossible to achieve. Just listen to your personal trainer, workout regularly and have the right kind of food to get those hard muscles and ripples that define your six-pack abs. Functional Fitness Courses BlogSpot.

Workouts for Six Pack Abs

While working out for six packs, its best to select exercises that put additional strain on the muscles of your lower abdominal region. However, do remember that spot training or putting extra focus on losing fat from a particular area of the body is not always effective. That is why your personal trainer will include workouts that challenge muscles in your entire body.

When practiced for months, such workouts help your body to maintain a high metabolic rate and burn fat faster. Shedding the flab becomes easier then and you can see those ripples in your stomach stand out; defining your six packs. Functional Fitness Courses Facebook.


Sit ups are effective for gaining six packs but you will have to put in additional challenges apart from the regular sit up pose. For this, lie on the floor with both knees positioned up and feet resting on the ground. Place both hands across your chest and have your personal trainer press your feet down firmly. Now rise to a sitting position straining yourself against the pressure applied by your trainer on your feet.

You can feel the muscles on your lower abdomen straining hard to overcome this pressure. Remember to keep a straight back for additional strain.


Crunches are another workout effective for toning the abdominal muscles. To do these, lie on the floor with both hands positioned beside your temples. Bend the knees and raise your upper torso slowly so that your shoulders move towards the knees. Use only your abdominal muscles to gain the lift required and do not raise the entire back from the floor. You can really feel your abdominal muscles straining to help you maintain the position. Exhale and lower your shoulders to the original position; again flexing the abdominal muscles to hold your upper body.

Never allow the shoulders or your head to touch the ground. Maintaining a slightly raised position throughout the movement puts additional challenge on your abdominal muscles.

Leg Lifts

This is another workout much preferred by personal trainer for getting six pack abs. This simple workout requires you to lie on the floor with hands placed palm down on either side of your body. Lift both legs in a straight line till they are at a ninety degree angle from the ground. Hold for a second and lower both legs slowly. Feel the tension in your abdominal muscles throughout the workout and this is what helps in carving those six packs.

For additional challenge, dangle from a bar and raise both legs till they are parallel to the ground.

Whiten your Teeth Fast without Dentists

Dentist’s offices today are helping people raise their confidence levels by providing whitening services to them. Many people are not satisfied with the color of their teeth. They may cover their smile when they laugh so that people do not notice how yellow their teeth are.

Being ashamed of our teeth can cause serious confidence results. A person does not walk with their head held quite as high or smile at complete strangers if they are not comfortable with their smile. After whitening treatments in the dentist’s office there is definitely a change in confidence, for the better.

The dentist’s are trained to do these procedures properly so that your teeth will look great when they are done. There are multiple different types of whitening treatments that can be used and alta white  is one of them.Check the link to read alta white teeth whitening reviews.

The bleaching agent will gently remove any stains that have built up over the years on the tooth enamel. It is suggested that you have your teeth cleaned prior to having a whitening treatment. During the cleaning, the dentist will remove any built up plaque that may hinder the whitening process.

Spending an hour or so at the dentist office can remove any insecurity that you have in the color of your teeth. You will be more comfortable smiling and laughing in public. This alone will make you seem friendlier and open to conversation.

Not only are there treatments available in the dentist’s offices, there are also treatments that you can purchase over the counter at any local Pharmacy or grocery store. You can use whitening tooth paste for daily use and can purchase at home whitening trays and gels as well. There are specific directions that should be followed. The at home kits can get the white smile that you need as well.

Ask any hiring manager and they will tell you that an applicant’s appearance is very important in the hiring process. If there are two equally qualified candidates but one is better dressed and more put together looking, they will get the job.

Making sure your appearance is acceptable includes your smile. You want to dazzle the interviewer with the brightest smile ever. You can do this by seeing your dentist for a whitening treatment. There are many different options available as far whitening treatments so you will surely find one that fits into your budget as well as your timeline.

Many of the in office treatments take about an hour to complete. You could take a long lunch at work and have the process done before you return. People in the office will wonder how your teeth got so white while you were at lunch. Smile at them and tell them about the process.

The whitening treatments that you get at the dentist’s office all will use a bleaching gel to get the job done. Some of the treatments require a bright light to shine on the gel for the time of the treatment. The dentist will brush on the gel like they are painting your fingernails. Each tooth will be coated in the gel so that they will all shine brightly when the treatment is done.

Your Bondi Personal Training Career Roadmap

Taking up personal training is an unconventional job. You have to prepare yourself to understand that it will not be 9-5 job and you have to always be ready to take the extra step to satisfy your client. But, with fierce competition, the attrition level is high.

So, eventually, you will witness other personal trainers give up running their own business and take up employment. If you want to survive the cut-throat competition, then aside from getting the necessary personal training certifications, you also need to have perseverance and resoluteness.

If you want to see how far you can go and are wondering how the career of a personal trainer should be, then keep the following roadmap in mind.

The initial hurdles

When you begin your profession as a personal trainer, you are banking on clients who used to come to the gym that you were employed in. There are full chances that you will not be able to retain them for the sheer fact that you do not have the experience or knowledge that they want in an expert.

Don’t be disheartened. Just ensure that you keep going. In some cases, you may have to travel all over the place so that you can train your clients. This is the extra mile that you have to take so that you are able to build a reputation that will build your goodwill.

Another factor is the rates that you fix for your clients. Since its your initial years, and you are competing with more experienced professionals, you need to give a value for money deal to your prospective clients. Remember, a satisfied client will always recommend you to others and since in this profession, you are on your own, you need to bank on your data base.

Create your market niche

If you have not burnt yourself out, then you difficult phase of ‘less money and lesser clients’ is over. You will now have steady stream of clients, you would be creating a reputation as well as increasing your experience. In such as stage, don’t become complacent. Take up personal training certifications which will only endorse your experience.

In addition, clients who are expecting more from you will want you to live up to their expectations. Don’t disappoint them! After having a decent customer base, the challenge becomes to retain them. Therefore, make all the necessary efforts to ensure that your customers appreciate you and keeping recommending you to their friends and family.

Consolidate your position

In the next few years, you would have established your reputation and created a loyal customer database. Earlier, it was about increasing gaining experience, then creating a solid database and in these later years, the challenge is to maintain your reputation.

If your business has grown, then maintain the best standard of personal training at various centre becomes a constant task. Remember, consolidating your position in the market can happen only if you are able to provide the same kind of service throughout the chains of your personal training centre. So, don’t compromise on quality because of quantity!